Keeper Talks

Learn about our animals from the people that know them best – our keepers! Hear about the animals’ care, diets, lifestyles, and ask any questions you are curious about.

We will post a weekly schedule with locations and topics, let us know if there is an animal you’d like to learn about in our Keeper Talk series!

Schedule 5/3-5/9

Monday 5/3

1 PM – Terrific Tortoise Titans! – across from the Giraffe enclosure

2 PM – Wonderful Wallabies! – in front of the Wallaby enclosure

Tuesday 5/4

1 PM – Horns vs Antlers! – in front of education building

2 PM – Duck and Waterfowl discovery! – in front of the Duck pond

Wednesday 5/5

1 PM – Interesting Insects! – in reptile house about the few insects we have in front of the display wall

2 PM – Hang out with the laughing kooks! – in front of the Kookaburras near the Roo pavilion

Thursday 5/6

1 PM – Discover the Litter of Lynx! – in front of Lynx to busses

2 PM – Cantankerous Camels! – in front of the three camels and their enclosure

Friday 5/7

1 PM – Look, a squirrel! … monkey! – in front of the squirrel monkey enclosure

2 PM – Venomous vs poisonous – in the reptile house

Saturday 5/8

1 PM – Come meet the Caracals! – in front of caracal enclosure

2 PM – Wonderful Waterbucks! – in front of waterbucks

Sunday 5/9

1 PM – Parrot Palooza! – in front of the parrot enclosures near the reptile house

2 PM – Fantastic Fennec! – in front of the fennec enclosure

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