Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are service animals allowed in the zoo?

No. There is no place in the zoo where service animals are allowed due to ADA rules and regulations. More info can be found here: https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/service_animal_qa.html

2. Are Guns allowed in the zoo?

No guns are allowed in the zoo – concealed or otherwise.

3. Can I use a zoo membership from another zoo at Boulder ridge?

No. Our zoo is a private zoo and does not receive any federal or state funding. This means that the zoo is funded solely on admissions and memberships sold at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. You can find more information on Boulder Ridge memberships here.

4. Is your zoo handicap accessible?

Yes, it is! Our zoo’s layout is ideal for young kids and for those who need wheelchairs to move about. Most of the zoo has concrete paths that are flat and easy to navigate. We also have an elevated walk-through safari that is totally paved! There are standard hand-powered wheelchairs available for use here, too.

5. What are your health & safety protocols for this season?

We ask that everyone who comes be respectful of others as we all enjoy the zoo together.  We have many hand sanitizer stations around the zoo and will work hard to keep everything clean throughout the day.

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