We Are Now Open For The 2020 Season!

Safety Guidelines

As we are now open for the 2020 season, we want to announce several safety guidelines we have put in place to help ensure that everyone who comes has a healthy, happy, and safe time enjoying the Michigan outdoors at Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. They are as follows:
1. Online Ticket Sales: While we will still sell tickets at our front office, you can now purchase them online as well in order to expedite the entry process. Those with advanced tickets will enter in a separate line.
2. Memberships: Purchasing a season membership will also help expedite the entry process as well as help support Boulder Ridge during a financially hard time for our zoo. Membership info can be found here: https://www.boulderridgewap.com/visitors/membership/
3. We have a separate entrance and exit to help with social distancing.
4. We have sneeze guards in place at all cash registers and animal feed stations.
5. We have marked off safe standing distances at the front entrance and have a covered outdoor standing area as well.
6. Hand sanitizer is at every cash register and animal feed station as well as several other places in the zoo.
7. Our feed stations will still be open but we ask that you please use sanitizer or wash your hands before feeding our animals. Also, only food purchased at Boulder Ridge can be used to feed the animals…This is VERY important. Thank you
8. We are sanitizing the Safari bus between each ride.
9. Please do not come to the zoo if you are sick or have a fever.
10. Masks will not be required in any of the outdoor areas at the zoo but are recommended.  We ask that you please wear a mask in the front entrance and gift shop.
11. Please respect other people’s distance. Do not crowd walkways or intersections. Please use common sense to help keep everyone safe.
12. If you do not feel comfortable coming to the zoo then please don’t…Stay home until you do feel comfortable with the guidelines we have put in place.
These guidelines are subject to change as needed. We will be monitoring the traffic at the zoo and everyone’s experience and may make changes. Please check back on our website to see if we have changed anything before your next visit to the zoo. We are striving to offer a safe and educational experience when visiting Boulder Ridge. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Animals

Boulder Ridge takes pride in the many rare and endangered animals that can be found in our park. In fact, some of our animals are difficult to find anywhere else in the United States.

Invertebrates & Fish

The word “invertebrate” means “without a backbone.” In fact, the only thing that all invertebrates have in common is their lack of a backbone. Some have a hard exoskeleton that protects them, others are very soft and bendable; some float,...

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Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptiles are lung-breathing, scale-covered animals that are ectothermic, or “cold-blooded“. Being “cold-blooded” means that reptiles cannot regulate their own body heat so their warmth has to come from the environment around them. All reptiles are vertebrates, which means they have...

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Birds are members of the class Aves, which boasts over 10,000 species. Most birds are able to fly, but some, like ostriches, kiwis, penguins, and emus, have wings but cannot fly, and other birds are far better at swimming than...

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There are over 5,500 different species of mammals. Mammals live on land, underground, in the air, or in fresh or salt water, but despite their diverse habitats, there are several things that mammals have in common: All mammals are vertebrates,...

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